Our vision

Transform passive voice assistants into active devices.

Alice65 is a technological solution that revolutionizes the market of voice assistants, transforming devices from passive agents to conversation initiators across multiple IoT devices.

Alice65 innovates in the medical alert systems sector offering personalized attention to the most vulnerable groups through Voice Assistants.

+65 years old elderly people in Europe
elderlies preffer living in their homes.
only is assisted in any way.

Our solution

These are the services that Alice65 can provide to your loving ones trough their voice assistants.
  • ``These are your reminders for today``

    Alexa will talk and list the daily reminders by pushing a button (click).

  • ``¿Mary, are you OK?``

    Notification activation protocol if the elder triggers it pushing the button (hold).

  • ``Mary, please confirm that you took the medication``

    Reminder acknowledges and follow-up in the Alice65 App.

  • Mobile App Alice65

    Alice65 App allows you to control de reminder management and review the daily activity log.

  • Alice65 out of home

    Trigger the notification protocol out of your home, just clicking the button.

  • ``John, let's do your maintenance exercises``

    Video and telemetry check to avoid falls. (Comming soon).

Alice65 Use Cases

Skill activation via IoT devices

Alice65 innovation

5 improvements for advance medical alert systems.

Alice65 brings innovation to the medical alert systems industry. Our goal is to offer our solution to a greater number of people. For this, we seek an agreement with an Insurance or Assistance company that wants to differentiate itself from other companies.

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Differentiating innovation

Alice65 is a solution that allows you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition.

Alice65 is affordable

It is an automated solution in the cloud with a cost 3 times lower than current Telecare systems.

Don't have a Call Center?

Allows assistance without Call Center: notifications reach family members or caregivers.

Call Center optimization

We improve the Service by reducing calls for appointment reminders or taking medications through the user’s virtual assistant.

Access without waiting

Have direct communication with the person assisted through the voice assistant.

¿Do you want an Alice65 demo?

We want to offer our solution to the customer’s through partnerships with Assistance & Insurance Companies.  if you are interested in our solution being part of your portfolio and differentiate from the competition, please contact us.