Expand the usability of your skill

Activate your skill via button activation or through a reminder at a set time.

Collect information from your skill

Launch satisfaction or check forms through your skill with Alice65.

Make your polls automatic

Plan to launch personalized surveys through your skill to your users. Release your Call Centers from these routine tasks and let your customers be the ones to answer through Alice65.

Analyze the use of your skill

With Alice65 receive reports of the IoT launch of your skills. Whether planned or through IoT devices, you will have access to reports on the use of your skills through Alice65.


Alexa skills are third-party applications that increase the functionality of the assistants. Its activation is done by activating it by voice. To do this, you have to activate the assistant using the word Alexa followed by the name of the skill. Once done, Alexa will open the skill and we can use its functionalities.

From Alice65 we are working to allow launching skills by pressing an IoT device. This functionality allows opening a wide range of usability possibilities by not depending on human action for our skill to run.